Quic Quality Assurance

Quic ensures that quality standards are optimised, targeted and constantly monitored throughout your organisation. The results are presented in real time via the quality dashboard, enabling managers to view the quality status of their homes at a glance.

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The Quic Dashboard.Your window into quality compliance.

Real-time quality monitoring, safeguarding your organisation from adverse ratings.

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Key benefits:

Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

  • Key performance indicators(KPIs) can be tailored to suit your organisation.
  • The quality dashboard enables you to check your KPIs at a glance.
  • Managers are alerted to signs of possible sub-optimal care.

Remedial action supported

  • Provides an audit trail to demonstrate that effective remedial action is taken when shown to be necessary.
  • Action plans are embedded and the required quality action is forced to ensure that any necessary remedial actions cannot be overlooked.

Supports continual improvement

  • Embeds a culture of continual improvement to help improve or maintain ratings.

Supports best practice

  • Supports you and your team to follow accepted best practice by providing instant access to evidence based guidelines and resources as data is being entered.
  • Staff have instant access to best practice guidance as they plan or review care.

Easily accessible data

  • Provides easily accessible evidence of compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Reduces the burden of providing data and frees up time to care.
  • In England, Pre Inspection Report (PIR) statistics are instantly available.
  • The robust approach to quality assurance helps to avoid adverse ratings from regulators.


The Quic System

Quic, stands for Quality in Care and that is what we are all about.

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Quality Assurance

Real time quality assurance data presented to you via the Quic Dashboard. Click here to learn more...

Person Centred Care

One of the strengths of Quic is that it is designed to ensure that consultation and collaboration with the people in your care, and/or their families, cannot be overlooked.

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Working in Partnership

Quic is designed to enable you to operate in an open and transparent manner as required by Regulation 20 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

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Workforce Development

Provide evidence that your workforce is skilled and competent and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

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The Quic Team

Find out more about the people behind Quic and why we are the right team to take you forward when it comes to Quality assurance in the care sector.

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